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Hi, Welcome to my page, and thank you for looking at my work. I live on the NH coast with my wonderful husband. I'm blessed with one son, a daughter-in-law, two amazing granddaughters, and many wonderful friends. I did a small amount of modeling in my early 20's then stepped away to raise my son and have a family life. Life went on and I went through a serious ankle injury and divorce and gained a lot of weight. I was married to a tattoo artist and owned tattoo shops in New England until recently when I gave my business to my son for his 35th Birthday. I struggled to get myself back together and I've decided now is my time to shine. I represent women who didn't have it easy, that struggled through life and thrived no matter what life threw at them. I'm heavily tattooed and those tattoos represent my journey, the good times, and the hardships. I am a woman of extreme courage and strength so I'm modeling to show that women that have had a tough life can still be beautiful, classy, attractive, and shine in the modeling and entertainment industry.

I do fashion, glamour, boudoir, parts, print, live appearances and stage dance and/or dance influencer jobs. I would love to be considered for voice overs, small movie roles or commercials.

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